May-June 2019

There’s just something about waking up with the sun streaming through the window. The promise of a new day fills me with a sense of adventure. Despite the circumstances we find ourselves in at this moment, our mindset determines if they are temporary or Riverpermanent. All of us have experienced or are experiencing events beyond our control that test us. These tests build on what we already know and reveal what we need to learn. In some way, shape or form, tests force us out of our comfort zone. I created this magazine to honor women who somehow found a way to keep going despite the hand life dealt them. I’ve been privileged to have these type of women in my life. My mother is one of them. In fact, I started this magazine after my mom’s death in 2017. As I reflect on her life as I handle situations that occur in my own, I’ve come to the realization that for mom and women like her to keep going, it meant they had to push their boundaries and go beyond their comfort zones. Just learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable, promotes action. Action in turn produces results. And the result, the end game, is the journey. Our personal journey starts when we step out of our comfort zone. That is why for May and June our theme is – Exploration.

June is six months until the end of the year. Have you begun your journey? Are you contemplating your path? Hopefully, you will find inspiration in the postings for May and June. If you’re on a journey to better health, be sure you read Shantel Plunkett’s tips on how to benefit from incorporating walking into your exercise routine. Have you decided you’re “Not For Sale?” This month’s follow-up article, will discuss negotiation tactics. Are you a recipient of the “Most Awesome Job on Earth?” Are you a single parent dreaming of owning a business? Did you know you already possess the skills needed for success? Check out the essay, “8 Ways Being a Single Parent Prepares You to be a Successful Entrepreneur.” And speaking of sleep (because I’m sure you don’t get enough), make sure you check out the short story, “A Good Night’s Sleep.” You’ll find it under In The Eye. This story introduces you to Tysha and Michael a young married couple who have some unexpected adventures. This month will also start the new series, What Is Art? This series will celebrate and spotlight the creations of folks who work with their hands to create works of art. Show us your creations – go to the Submissions page for details.

Happy Exploring,
Brigitte aka The Squeezed Lemon

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