March-April 2019

writer9Spring has sprung. Well almost. The weather here keeps flip- flopping from the 60s to the 30s. Most mornings I wake to bright sunlight and the teasing sound of singing birds, but the mercury hasn’t risen above 45. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to ditch the coats and boots. I’m ready to just slide into some flip-flops and go. The only problem is now I have to start shaving my legs. Shhh! It’s my guilty secret. Living in pants, tights and boots during the winter, I don’t have to shave often (thankfully I’m not very hairy), but once it gets warm I have to make sure I do two things: shave my legs and keep my toes polished. I normally get pedicures during the winter so I don’t scare my manicurist, but once the transition is made to open-toed shoes I have to keep them up. Ok, that’s probably more than you wanted to know about my personal hygiene. But hey, we’re all girls, and let’s face it, we girls love to share.

In fact, sharing is the focus for March and April. I shared my Chicken Parmigiana with my friend Kia (you can find the recipe under Zesty). She returned my container filled with three gooey, Kahlua-laced chocolate brownies. I topped one with chocolate ice cream. BrownieNeedless to say, I was in heaven. That got me thinking: what would happen if we returned a container filled with some type of goody. It doesn’t have to be food. Does your friend like to craft? Read? Here’s an example: my sister is the sleep deprived working mother of a two year-old toddler. She often works 12 hour shifts, not arriving home until the early morning. My gift to her would be a coupon book full of babysitting coupons for my niece so she could sleep. Think out of the box and join our Spring challenge: Never Return A Container Empty. Share with us what you put in your container.

And speaking of sleep, make sure you check out the short story, “A Good Night’s Sleep.” You’ll find it in April under In The Eye. This story introduces you to Tysha and Michael a young married couple who have some unexpected adventures.

Happy Spring,

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