March 2018

writer7Hello! It’s March already. We are three months into 2018, and Spring is right around the corner. This month is Women’s History month. Personally, I believe women and mothers should be celebrated every day, because as Beyoncé sings, who rules the world – yup, us girls. In February’s letter, I encouraged you to create a walking plan. If you haven’t created your own, this is a link to the American Heart Association’s Beginner Walking Plan. This month, I want you to think about making your own history. We often think of history in terms of past events, but the folks that create history do so in the here and now. The women who marched for the right to vote, made history the day their feet hit the streets. They had no idea if their plan would succeed, but by stepping out and taking a chance, they made history. The legacy we leave is created now – today.

I made the mistake of going to the grocery store on Sunday. My daughter had to be to work by 2:00, and she wanted to get her grocery shopping done early. As we rushed up and down the crowded aisles, I had an epiphany. First, I remembered why I don’t shop on Sunday morning, and secondly, that we are always in a rush. It’s not that we women don’t think about ourselves; it’s that we don’t make time for ourselves. Standing in the checkout line looking at magazines with spring covers, I thought about pulling out my spring/summer clothes, debated if this is the year my thighs make it into shorts, spring cleaning; you know all the stuff we have on our “to-do lists.” By the time I got home, rushed to put away the groceries and dropped my daughter off to work; I was pooped. I honestly considered going back to bed. I didn’t, honest, but I damn sure thought about it. Right then and there, I should have put on my sneakers, grabbed my phone and gone for a walk. But I didn’t. I cooked, cleaned and did laundry. All those things needed to get done, but they could have waited for a half hour or so. Do you see the pattern?

This month, that’s going to change. I’m lacing up my sneakers for a 30-minute walk at least three times a week. I’m actually going to try to squeeze in at least 10 minutes of walking every day. But I’m committing to 3 times a week. If the weather is bad, do a few laps around the mall, or hit the treadmill at the gym. Listen to music. A podcast. Brainstorm. Dream. You are not allowed to think about dirty dishes or laundry. This is – ME – time. Ladies, we need this. Seriously, the better you feel physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually; the more the people around you benefit. Whenever we squawked about doing something, my mom would say, “one mother can do for 10 kids, but 10 kids can’t do for one mother.” Let’s do this for our moms by honoring their legacy, and for our daughters by showing them the way to create a legacy of well-being. Mom, this one’s for you!

All the best,

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