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Welcome to the first edition of The Squeezed Lemon. Let me show you around. bportrait

In The Eye, is a funny take on the everyday things that happen to us. This month, I share the offbeat events that happened 18 years ago on the night I became a mother. Because life can be both bitter and sweet, Lemon and Honey, will feature content that is inspirational and informative, including interviews with experts who can provide real-life help and advice. Zesty, is the place for a good story. The story, “The Distance Between Equal Parts,” highlights the damaging effects of secrets, and explores the relationships within a fractured family.

I celebrated my 52nd birthday in October. As most of us do when we pass the yearly milestone marking our birth, we reflect on our journey. We bemoan the road not taken, celebrate our achievements, and set goals. However, none of us take this journey alone. We all need help and support along the way; and more times than not, that comes from members of our family. In 2009, we lost my father. On November 8, we lost my mother. As I attempt to process the loss of my parents, I’m beginning to understand the legacy they left us. Families are made up of imperfect people, therefore, perfection is impossible. Yet, we tend to categorize and hold each other to unattainable standards. While packing up my mother’s things, my niece found a card that I’d made for my parents anniversary when I was ten. Anniversary card frontanniversary card inside 1In it, I’d written these words of wisdom that my parents often said to us after punishing us, “We might be mad at you, but we still love you.” Now that I’m a parent, I truly appreciate the sentiment of those words. They remind me that even though I’m unhappy with my daughter’s behavior, and let’s be honest, mad at her, those momentary feelings could never diminish my love for her. Like most families we get mad at each other. But I’m so proud of the way we come together and support one another; especially in times of crisis. My parents legacy embraces the – not so perfect – dysfunctional – working to get it together – folks that make up our family.

During this season of giving, that card reminds me that kindness, forgiveness, thoughtfulness and generosity are never out of season. That is what mom and dad taught us.

All the best,


As you gather with family and friends, remember this equation:

imperfection – perfection + acceptance = love

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