What Is Art? – January 2020

Welcome to our celebration of creativity. To kick off this new series, I thought I’d share my art with you.

Sewing: My mom taught herself to sew making dresses for me to wear to elementary school. She thenCape taught me to sew when I was 10. I started making clothes for my dolls out of scraps, and graduated to making clothes. Today, I like to recreate fashions from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s with a modern twist. This cape has a matching skirt and silk bow blouse. I used a contrasting fabric for the two front panels and the panel in the back, reminiscent of designer styles of the 30’s and 40’s. My friends and family call the local fabric store my “home away from home.” My fondest memories are the time my mom and I spent fabric shopping. Mom didn’t just see a piece of fabric, she saw an outfit. I’m so glad she shared her love of sewing with me. It’s something special we will always share.


Crochet: I learned to crochet while I was Afghanpregnant. My doctor put me on bed rest, and I needed something to do so I wouldn’t go crazy, so I got the brilliant idea to make the baby a blanket. I got some instruction at the local craft store where I bought the yarn, and from a learn to crochet book. As wonky and lopsided as that baby blanket turned out, my daughter loved it. She reminded me of the Peanuts character, Linus. She took it everywhere. Finally, it had so many holes, I could no longer patch it. To this day, twenty years later, she still makes a fuss over me getting rid of her blanket. Currently, I make afghans, but my goal is to learn how to make sweaters and clothing. I’m always so impressed by the creations of the members of my craft, crochet and knitting Facebook groups. This afghan is one of my favorites. I curl up in it to watch movies or read a good book.

Thanks for letting me share my creations with you. I look forward to seeing yours.





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