The Benefits of Walking


by Shantel Plunkett, CEO Health Fit Fab

Summer is approaching, the weather is sunny, the days are longer. If you haven’t started an exercise routine yet, now would be a great time to begin. There are so many different exercises out there and for most people that are new to working out it can be overwhelming. So much so, we forget to start with the basics. One of the simplest exercises that you can do is walk. All you need is the will to get up and move.

There are so many benefits of walking that I couldn’t possibly put them all in one post, so I’ve compiled a list of my top 5. Let’s get started.

Top 5 Benefits of Walking

Running Shoes
Lace up those walking shoes and get moving!


1. It’s free.
There is no gym or equipment required to get your walk on. All you need to do is step outside and get moving. If it’s a rainy day, you can keep the walk indoors by walking around your home or walking in place.

2. It changes your attitude.
Have you ever watched a movie and two characters get into a heated argument and one of them says they need some fresh air and they go outside for a walk? Walking has that effect on your mental status. Taking a walk eases your mind and takes off things that cause stress and anxiety. It gives you the ability to take in the nature around you and forget your worries. Walking is my favorite time to think about things in a calm manner.

3. It can help prevent weight gain.
I’m not a runner, if you’ve read my previous posts, you know that walking is one of my favorite cardio exercises. Check out my previous post for the Top 5 Ways to Torch Calories while Walking. Walking increases your metabolism by burning extra calories and preventing muscle loss.

4. It improves your digestion.
If you find that you’ve eaten a bit too much, walking helps a ton! A regular walking routine can greatly improve gastric mobility, so try to get in at least a 15-minute walk after each meal, if possible.

5. It’s fun.
Have you ever been to Washington D.C.? If so, you know that you probably walked more than you ever thought you could! But you aren’t as concerned with the walking when visiting the different sites and attractions that the city has to offer. There’s joy in walking among friends, coworkers or family having conversations and living life.

Now that you know some of the benefits, are you ready to lace up? If you’re already a walker, keep it up! Try to increase your steps or walk at a faster pace. Let me know in the comments, what you love most about walking.

Shantel Plunket bio
Shantel Plunkett

Shantel Plunkett is the CEO and Founder of Health Fit Fab, a health and fitness website that promotes living a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition. She enjoys traveling, Netflix binging, and seafood. Check out her latest blog posts at, and stay up to date with her latest posts on her Instagram page:



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