Steel in Glass

steel heart

Fragile she shatters.
Splinters and shards hurry to desertion
Bequeathing jagged edges.
Tears flow freely.
The strength of water cannot be denied;
Building resolve and beauty inside.

“She has so many problems,” they say.

Yes, life is not always kind.
The cruel teacher refuses to spare her weary days and sleepless nights.
Yet, after each break,
Experience weaves a net protecting her heart from each successive blow.
It laughs. It loves. It sings. It grows.

The force of loss,
The searing heat of pain,
The brittleness of glass cannot withstand the stress;
When prayers ascend amid the beep-beep of machines
Sustaining her only child,
When her father died, and then her mother,
When the love of her life goes away,
When bellies rumble in cold, dark rooms bathed only in moonlight,
The cracks multiply.

Each time the fragments are gathered,
And the glass is put back together,
The steel jacketed pieces fit neatly into place.

“She has so many problems,” they say.

Steel in glass is translucent.
Only those looking for it can see it.
Only those who understand how glass is strengthened by steel.

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