Why Is It A Woman?


Why is a single mom praised, but at the same time rebuked.
Her virtues extolled, yet her needs sniffed at.
She admirably takes care of her children; that is
Until she needs help to feed them.
She is the Hester Prynne of our age.
Blame pursues her. Virtue escapes her.

Why is a woman characterized as “the weaker vessel?”
When because of her strength and courage life exists?
No woman who has ever given birth,
Has brought forth life into this world,
Can ever be called weak.

Why is it a mother who must learn to let go?
Men’s stories and trophies proclaiming their victories,
Clutter mantels and adorn walls.
Why must mothers nurture, educate, and support,
Then step back and release their precious prey to the world?

Why is a woman as smart, as competitive, as qualified, the loser?
Why does her dollar work as hard as any man’s, yet it is valued less?

Why does a woman’s back stiffen in the act of taking a bow?
Her triumphs are plural rather than singular.
She toils and her labors benefit many.
When she succeeds, she not only speaks to the struggle,
But praises the beneficiaries.
“Nice girls don’t brag.”
“Work for the greater good.”
“There is no I in team,” ring in her ears.

Why are “tags of intimidation” found only in women’s clothing?
In the law of mathematics, determining value increases in the addition of numbers.
Is not 12 > 2, 14 > 4, 16 > 6; 18 > 8?

My dear sisters, raise your voices with me and speak in unison,
Why is it a woman?


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