Too Many Days

Beach scene
Photography by Delia Little

Too Many Days I’m glad I woke up, but I don’t want to get out of bed

Too Many Days looking out the window at the world passing me by

Too Many Days going to work because I need the money

Too Many Days sitting at a desk counting the hours until it’s time to leave

Too Many Days worrying about paying the bills, knowing my check won’t cover them

Too Many Days telling myself one day I’ll have more money, a job I love, a man I love, a house I love

Too Many Days promising myself that tomorrow I’ll start working on my dreams

Too Many Days spent proving my worth

Too Many Days I haven’t been ok with me

Too Many Days failing to tell the woman in the mirror, “You’re going to be ok. I love you.”

Too Many Days spent with people who want me to be who they want me to be

Too Many Days wishing and not doing

Too Many Days spent on “what if”

Too Many Days between reality and dreams

Too Many Days between despair and deliverance

Too Many Days feeling powerless

Too Many Days waiting for the right moment

Too Many Days waiting until tomorrow

Today, the woman in the mirror announced the end of Too Many Days



2 thoughts on “Too Many Days

  1. Beautiful and inspirational.

    Happy International Women’s Day! 💗🎉


    1. thesqueezedlemon March 8, 2018 — 7:08 am

      Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

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