The Latest News

May /June 2019

  • The theme for May & June is Exploration. We’ll examine pushing beyond boundaries and outside our comfort zones.

  • The Squeezed Lemon has it’s first guest contributor! Yay! Much love to Shantel Plunkett for getting us up and walking. Check out her post for some helpful tips to get you off your butt!!

  • We’ll be continuing the conversation surrounding women and the wage gap. The essay, “Not For Sale,” delved into the reasons we tend to put ourselves on sale. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, you can find it in Lemon and Honey. The follow-up article on negotiation tactics will be forthcoming so stay tuned.

  • What is Art?  This new series beginning in June spotlights the creations of folks who work with their hands to create works of art.

  • Tysha and Michael are new homeowners. There’s just one problem – Tysha can’t seem to get any sleep.  Read the funny story of  Tysha’s search for “A Good Night’s Sleep” under In The Eye.

  • We are looking for contributors. Please visit the Submissions page for details.

The Squeezed Lemon now has a Facebook group. Connect with us to share, laugh and support!

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