Life Among The Boxes


The day the orange paper was hung on my door
Standing in court hearing the judge say, “I have no choice but”
Wondering how to make it stop
The process began: Get as many boxes as I can
I spent a portion of the money the landlord wouldn’t take on boxes
People came
Some packed carefully; other shoved my things into the boxes
To them they were just things
To me they were another chapter of my life ending
Another storage unit

We found a new place; smaller but adequate
We hauled the boxes from the storage unit
They filled half of the living room
We learned to live among the boxes
One day the boxes went back to the storage unit
Patiently waiting to come out again

I hate the boxes
Square pieces of cardboard held closed with tape
It’s not things in those boxes – It’s me
I’m in each and every one of them
Packed and repacked
A restless soul in search of a home

People tell me to be grateful
Grateful for the boxes
I am
The boxes have taught me well
Lessons first about survival
Then about triumph
They’ve fueled passions
Eradicated procrastination
Shattered fear

People tell me to be grateful
Grateful for the boxes
I am
They have no idea
How could they understand life among the boxes

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