Waiting For The Coffee

by Brigitte Little

As the aroma fills the airCoffee
Dreams appear
Good intentions arise
Ideas flutter through my head
Courage is awakened
Purpose pushes its way to the fore
Effort is no longer fatiguing
Determination becomes the rallying cry
Fear is abolished from the realm by Daring’s glistening sword drawn and aimed at its heart
Negativity crumbles and is thrown away into the abyss of darkness
Positive thoughts shine brightly; pointing the way

Sip. Ah!!

The cushions cradle my behind with their enveloping suction
Procrastination hands me the TV remote and says, “Don’t worry. The day is young.”
Time is complicit. It keeps ticking away.

Productivity summons the troops.
Dreams, Good Intentions, Ideas, Courage, Purpose and Determination surround me
Effort attempts to release me from Procrastination’s grip
I’m on my feet
Then down
The fierce battle wages on
The cushions make a final assault
I’m up again
My coffee cup is empty

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